About us

After reading Letikiros’ Story and learning about the 785 million people living without life’s most basic need, founder Griffin Storm was motivated to make a change. Norman Water Club started in the Fall of 2019 as a ragtag group of students at Norman High School meeting over pizza and brainstorming ways to make a difference. In a month-long campaign to spread awareness, club members carried 40-pound jerry cans around campus, raising $3,200 within the student body.

Whether we’re painting fences to raise money, or throwing outdoor festivals at a local vineyard, you can always find our members creatively spreading awareness for the cause. While we’re still meeting over pizza, we’ve since grown into a community of over 100 students at both Norman and Norman North High schools. Since our inception, we’ve raised over $23,000 for clean water projects distributed by charitywater.org, helping provide over 600 people with clean water.